FMINTMK4F Front Mount Intercooler for MK4 1.8T

FMINTMK4F Front Mount Intercooler for MK4 1.8T


Our recently revised intercooler kit is the perfect solution for optimising the power output on a modified MK4 Golf 1.8T or if you simply wish to help the longevity of the mechanical components. Whilst the quality of the original side mounting intercooler is excellent on a standard car, you can be pushing it beyond its design criteria with greater pressure and flow rates on a modified car. We have designed our Front Mounting Intercooler kit to give greater thermal reductions on those vehicles running a simple software upgrade or those with larger turbochargers.

Everything that you will need for the best possible installation is included within the supplied kit.

In the graph of intake temperature logs below you will see that there is a significant improvement with the Forge intercooler (blue) over the twin OEM intercoolers it replaces.

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